He is I AM

abendstimmung atmospheric background beautiful
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Sometimes the Lord speaks to me in poems when I  spend time with him.  I hope this  one will encourage you to rest in his care.

My Word is a living active thing,
When you read My Word, it tells Who I Am,
When you speak my Word, it speaks Who I Am
Not who I was, or who I will be,
But Who I AM.

I never change,
And my Word never fails,
I AM one with my Word.

You read of Me as…
The one who made the sea dry ground. I AM
The manna provider. I AM
Closing the mouths of lions. I AM
The fourth man in the furnace. I AM
The One who was buried three days and rose again
That you might have LIFE ETERNAL. I AM.

Do you understand?
Yesterday – I AM,
Tomorrow – I AM,
Today – I AM!

I AM love,
I AM all sufficient.
I AM always with you.
I AM able to meet your every need.
I AM greater in you than he that is in the world.

I AM your God, your Creator, your King, and the Lover of your soul,
Your Brother, your Father, and your Covenant Companion.

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