Caregiving and Releasing Care

It’s been just over 4 months since my husband and I began our current journey. I can only speak from my perspective, but my prayer is one day he will speak from his and be able to testify to the goodness of our God.

For the 1st 9 weeks I watched him become weaker in mind and body as he endured both hospitalization and a multitude of out patient tests. Next there was a brain biopsy which resulted in more confusion and weakness, followed by a diagnosis of CNS Vasculitis and a tough treatment regimen with strong meds and the need for acute rehab. Being released to come home, but needing 24/7 supervision. Back to the hospital and now his most recent treatment regimen requires in home care and therapy, and very limited contact to protect his compromised immune system.

I have been overwhelmed at times and felt more tired than I can communicate. However, I have found many things to be grateful for. This includes:

  • The always with me grace and presence of God. Encouraging me through the Word, and speaking to me through the inner witness. When I need peace, grace, rest, whatever…I can look to Him. He is the I Am _____.
  • Precious family supporting, loving, helping, doing whatever is needed to help Ed and I
  • Dear friends, neighbors and coworkers caring for us and show kindness in such practical ways
  • Faith friends to pray and to remind me what the Word of God says and to stay anchored in His faithfulness

I am still learning, but I hope you will be ministered to by these tips and find them helpful:

  • Stay connected to the One who is faithful. Ask Him to give you scriptures to stand on. Mine (and for Ed) are Psalm 23, Psalm 103 and Hebrews 4:16.
  • Choose to pray, read, listen, praise, every day – even fall asleep doing it, or do it if you wake up during the night. Choose to meditate the Word (like Psalm 23 or healing scriptures) instead of allowing worry.
  • Feel overwhelmed?
    • Phone a faith-filled friend and have them pray. Trust the Holy Spirit to minister to you through them.
    • Let people help you with things like errands, meals, cleaning.
    • Get rest. It’s okay to nap.
    • Be wise – ask someone to give you a break.
  • Make things easier. For example:
    • Use services like Shipt and Amazon for shopping
    • Use free websites and apps for caregivers like
      • lets you easily give updates about your loved one to family, friends and others
      • has an app too and lets you set up a group involved in caring, share a calendar, to dos, wellness journal, messages, med list and more
  • Release the care. Trust the One who loves you and your loved one. He is the God of all grace, rest in his care and let him care for you.

Pour out all your worries and stress upon him and leave them there , for he always tenderly cares for you.
1 Peter 5:7 TPT

5 thoughts on “Caregiving and Releasing Care”

  1. Great information you shared. Very inspiring and encouraging for anyone going through challenging times, health or otherwise. Always remember, you are loved by your heavenly Father and so many others.


  2. Especially in the current craziness in teh world – your words have lifted me up! I am praying for Ed & you as you work through this extended period of challenge. It’s great that your faith, family and friends have been there for you. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

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