It’s for a season…

And in this season, I choose joy, I choose to be grateful, I choose to look for things to celebrate, to look for the good, for opportunities to love, to live, to enjoy. I don’t know when this season will change, but I’ve made up my mind not to let it stop me from living, from doing what I enjoy, anymore.

If I’m honest, since my husband became sick a year ago, my focus became very narrow. My “job” has been to pray and stay in faith, and to do what it takes to remain at rest in Him, to work fulltime from home and care for Ed. Most days I did well, others not so much as responsibilities sometimes overwhelmed me. I am still walking this journey of faith daily, trusting God to work, and to lead me/help me do all that needs to be done.

But over these last few weeks I became very aware of my lack of joy. And I feel the Holy Spirit is leading me now to pick back up what was laid aside, lost in the difficulties of this past year. So, no matter the season, I am consciously choosing to make room in my life again for painting, knitting and writing. These are gifts the Father wants me to use and enjoy. I will not let the enemy of my soul steal the joy that comes from being creative and the rest and refreshing it provides.

My watercolor pallet
My yarn swift and ball winder

I guess the lesson for me is no matter the season…find joy, don’t let it slip away, and be grateful. Listen for that still small voice of the Holy Spirit. Oh how He loves you and me!

One thought on “It’s for a season…”

  1. Great word. Joy is our strength to get through whatever may come up in our lives. It’s also the easiest to set aside in times of challenges. Delighted you are intentionally seeking joy. Loves and hugs to you sweet friend.

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