Strong in Faith

One of the books In am currently reading is titled, Watchman Prayer written by Dutch Sheets. It teaches about prayer strategies for protecting your home, family & community from the enemy’s schemes.

I was both struck by and ministered to by the following quote. I am still thinking about it and wonder if it will give you a “pause and think about that” moment as well. The emphasis on the last part is what I find myself focusing on.

Abraham did not grow strong in faith because he refused to acknowledge the natural circumstances. He grew strong in faith while acknowledging—even contemplating—his and Sarah’s conditions but respecting the promise of God so much that it carried more weight than the earthly reality.”

I highly recommend the Give Him 15 prayer website, GH15 app and his books. You can learn more at http://Give Him 15 website. He is also on YouTube, Facebook and Rumbl. We have much to pray about in these times, and our prayers of agreement are powerful.

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